Day trips

We have been on a few day trips as a class to different places close by and I thought  I might summarize them and give you guys the highlights.

First lets talk about Znojmo. This was a fun little trip to this town. It is a beautiful landscape. We walked around and saw a few old churches and a castle if I remember right. After that we got to go underground and tour the tunnels that were made centuries ago during a way. It was one of the biggest underground tunnel system in central europe. We only toured a small portion of it but it was super cool. At the end we got to go into the Labrinth and find our own way out which was a lot fun. Especially when they killed all the lights and left us in pitch black darkness. Only for a few minutes though. We found our way out and all had a good time. To conclude our day we went wine tasting in a castle like building. This was my first wine tasting and I realized I don’t like most wines. Overall a good day.

Next was a day trip to castle not too far away from Olomouc. Once we got there we had about 30 minutes to hang our before our tour started so me and a group of us found a playground and just played around on it for a while. It was a lot of fun. Then right beofre the tour started we got to hold and pet Hawks and Owls. It was super interesting to be that close to those kinds of birds. They were super chill. Then the castle was also a pretty neat castle that we got to see. Very cold though. We were all excited to be outside in the sun again once it was over. Right before we left that day we found this place on the side of the mountain that had a zipline and carts you could ride down this long path down the side of the mountain. I ended up riding the cart down the mountain and was trying to go as fast as possible. On my last lap down I was doing pretty good until this one turn was a little too sharp for how fast I was going and I rolled the cart over and scraped up my need good. Did’t hurt too bad and had a good time doing it.

The last day trip we went on was to a water plant on top of a mountain. Honestly the tour of the plant was pretty boring and dull. However, the way I got down the mountain was one of my favorite parts of my entire trip. They gave us an option to ride an offroad scooter back down to where we started. This just so happened to be a 10 mile downhill road. Only three us decided to do it but it was a lot fun! It was all down hill with some beautiful views. Again one of my favorite experiences of my entire trip.


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