Mistakes that have been made.

Hey guys, thought I would share some things that have gone wrong or mistakes that I have experienced while on my trip.

To start off with I immediately lost my ISIC card and Tram pass on the first night we were in Olomouc. Now the ISIC card is our student ID card here that gives us discounts in a lot of places and often times needed to check in to certain places and to do different things. You need it to prove you are a student and is very convenient. Along with the ISIC card I had my tram pass with it. The tram pass is exactly what it sounds like. Just a card that is a semester pass that allows us to use the public transportation for free all semester. Now I lost both of these things on day 1. I don’t know how they got lost but I woke up the next day and they were not with the rest of my stuff in my wallet. I went a few days trying to retrace my steps until I finally conceded and told our advisors/guides that were in charge of us.  This ended up costing me about 450 czk, which is about $20, to replace these things. Don’t recommend losing these.

Next thing is to always validate your tickets for public transportation. This happened to me just recently and it did not make my day any better. I was on my way back from a weekend trip and going from the Prague airport and headed back to Olomouc. So I buy my ticket at the airport for the trains and head for the station. I did not see any validation machines so I figured they would be later on at the station. I was already not feeling great and had a pretty good headache so I was not in the best “paying attention” mindset. I completely forget about having to validate the ticket and hop on the train. It was not until I had to make a connecting train where I was waiting for it to arrive. So I am standing on the platform with another hundred people or so and this ticket officer just happens to single me out of the crowd and approaches me. I knew right away that I had forgotten to validate but thought maybe he would be cool about it and let me go. Nope, he was not a nice gentlemen but seemed very grumpy and demanding. Gave me a ticket for 35 euros that had to be paid on the spot. When I said that I did not know if I have that much on me he threatened to take me to immigration where a bigger fine would be waiting for me. This guy was not giving me any wiggle room. I searched and found I had exactly enough to cover the ticket and he finally went away. This did not make my day any better. Huge bummer.

Finally the most expensive thing to go wrong. The Barcelona trip…

The Barcelona trip is the one that I had planned out the most and was pretty excited for. I was going to meet up with my cousin and had bought tickets to do cool things while their. It was also the most expensive plane tickets that we had bought while being over here.  So friday evening comes along and we are packing our things to go. Our flight left at 10:30pm so we figured we would leave for Prague, about a 2 hour train ride, at around 5. So by the time we got to the train station it was about 5:30 and we are not worried by any means because we still had like 5 hours which is more than enough. Until I went and checked the flight again when I realized the flight left at 9:30. Inconvenient but we still had 4 hours to get there so we still were worried. Now the thing that really screwed us was the train. We bought tickets right at 5:30 for the soonest train to Prague. For some reason the train they gave us tickets for didn’t end up leaving until around 6:25. So now I am starting to worry. We board the train and we know it was going to be close. We get to Prague at around 8:45ish and think run out of the train station in search of a taxi to get us there in time. But the train station was about a 15 minute car ride so it was almost a lost cause. That didn’t even matter considering we got off at the wrong stop in Prague. And when we got out to the street there was no taxi’s in sight. We walked for about 10 minutes in search of one but found nothing. Our flight was about to leave and we were stranded about 30 minutes from the airport. We accepted defeat and ate supper and hopped back on the next train back to Olomouc.  We couldn’t get our money back so we lost about $300 each. ):

These were some of the bigger mistakes that I have learned from while on this trip…

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