Prague Trip

Hey everyone, we just recently got back from our trip to Prague/Dresden.  I just wanted to talk a little about my experience during the trip! With a group of 21 Americans in one group I was unsure how exactly it would all work out. Luckily it went very smoothly and the large group was not a problem at all. We all took a 2 hour train ride to Prague that was very comfortable. From there we all got checked into our hostel and began our tours. One of the first stops, and my favorite part of the trip, was at a church where the Nazi’s had a shootout with some Czech rebellions who had recently assassinated a high ranking Nazi. As a class we had just watched the movie(Anthropoid) that was made about this story. So with the story so fresh in our minds it was very interesting to see where it happened. The church still had bullet holes in parts of the wall and other damages that occurred during the shootout. This was mt favorite part of the trip. I highly recommend the movie if you are curios about it.

We kept on with our short walking tour that day until around mid afternoon. Then we had the rest of the day to explore the city ourselves and experience the culture. We did a similar day the day with some different sight seeing spots and had time to relax in the afternoon.

On the third day we took a bus ride to Dresden, Germany. We did a brief sight seeing tour and then it was time for the art museum. This was another really interesting part of the trip for me. I got to see a Rafael piece in person!

Then we had a few hours of free time to eat and explore. The cultural differences were really interesting to experience in person. That and most of the people also spoke English so that was very convenient while ordering food, which was a little bit pricey. That evening we took the bus back to Prague for another day before concluding our trip.

It was a very fun trip and I look forward to our next one!


Hey guys, my name is Cody Mueller and I am a Junior at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. I am currently study studio art/ illustration.

I am currently sitting at DIA waiting to board my flight to London! Excited to get to the Czech and see everyone!