Trip Evaluation

Packing and Traveling

-What are you glad you packed from home?

– good headphones with long battery life(lots of travel time on planes,trains, and automobiles

-good backpack with lots of room

– playing cards

– neck pillow for sure, great for naps pretty much anywhere

-What do you wish you had left at home?

– some of my clothes, didn’t end up wearing a lot of them very much

– my hat, only wore it once

– I did not bring very much stuff so I didn’t really run into this problem of wishing i left something

-Do you have any travel tips to pass on (planning advice, safety considerations, guidebooks, train vs. bus, etc.)?

-don’t over plan your trip/weekend trips

– be open to going with the flow( a lot less stressful)

– don’t over pack, you don’t need as much as you think

-What places would you advise future students to see and why?

– Portugal = super good vibes and welcoming culture. And it is beautiful

– Austria/Hallstatt = very beautiful, the Alps, no where like it.

– Bowling in Olomouc = super cheap and a good time

–  Croatia- Plitvice National Park = one of the most beautiful places on this planet.

Social Life

-How did you meet students from your host country?

Just being social in public places, for example I met a guy at a pizza shop just buy asking him what a word meant and then we started talking. We ended up hanging out a few times throught my time there.

-How did you like to spend your free time and why? Is there anything you regret not doing more of in your free time?

I liked to go rock climbing with a few other american students on the trip. This was my favorite pass time when we had time to do it.

– I regret not exploring the city of Olomouc more. There is a lot of the city that we did not even see.

-What opportunities for social, recreational, and cultural events that the host university or program offered did you like best? Why?

– getting to know other erasmus students and nebraska travelers– my favorite part

-What piece of advice would you give future students regarding their non-academic life while abroad?

– Be open to start conversations with people living in your building. You’ll make lots of friends

School Work

-How did your academic experience abroad differ from your U.S. experiences concerning?

It was very lecture based at Palacky University. Not as interactive ( aside from Czech Language) as I would have liked.

-Relations with professors/classroom instruction?

professors are super friendly and social with us.

-seemed excited to be there teaching us


Grading was super nice. Not nearly as strict as it is at UNK

-Study habits?

Yes, you have to study a little bit. However it is really easy stuff.


I don’t think anyone ever used the library in our group

-Computer access?

Most students had their own laptop with them and we had wifi in our dorms.

-What enabled/hindered your successful academic experience?

Having super helpful professors that worked with us was a big part of me doing better in Czech Language.

Money and Communications

-How much money in U.S. currency would you recommend students have at their disposal for their whole time abroad?

– I lived/traveled comfortably with about $6000,

– Some students only brought about $3000 and had a wonderful trip

– One girl was close to spending about $14000.

-How much money did you have in foreign currency when you left for your program? Was it enough?

I did not bring any foreign currency overseas with me. I Just used ATMs

-How did you manage your money (credit cards, traveler’s checks, bank accounts etc.)? How and where did you access your money?

I just made sure to check my money situation every few days to make sure I still had plenty. Tried not to spend too much every week and focused more of my money on traveling.

-How much money did you spend on:


  • $0

School supplies?

  • $10


  • $30 ish a week on food.


  • Depends what you want to do
  • Maybe $10 per week if that.
  • Most stuff you do for entertainment you don’t pay for.

Local transportation?

  • Public transportation was super nice so we did not have to pay for transportation very much at all.


  • A few thousand
  • Flights and living arrangements add up

Personal items (toiletries)?

  • $20 total



  • $0



  • Probabaly about $1000


  • Roughly $8- 10 every time

-How did you communicate with the U.S.? What would you recommend to future students (e.g. calling card, set up e-mail account and where, etc.)?


– Snapchat

Other Comments/Tips:

Please also list the “Top 10 Must-Do Activities” to experience during your time abroad.  Please give as much detail as possible (i.e.- Be sure to go to XXXXXX and ask for Mr. XXXXX as he loves to chat with students from the U.S., or Take bus #XX to the final stop where you can see a view of the city.)

Don’t worry if you can’t come up with 10 activities…just list ones you feel strongly about! ; )

( in no particular order)

  1. Hallstatt, Austria
    1. Beautiful little small town in the middle of the mountains
  2. Plitvice National Park , Croatia
    1. One of the most beautiful places I have ever been to
  3. Bowling with some friends
    1. In the main mall in Olomouc on the top floor.
    2. Super cheap and a great time
  4. Scootering down a mountain!
    1. Day trip to a hydroelectric water plant and go to top of mountain
    2. Once there they have scooters you can rent for a 10 mile road down to the bottom of the mountain!
  5. Lisbon, Portugal
    1. One of my favorite places that I visited
    2. Beautiful city and friendly people and culture
  6. Paintball
    1. Paintballing in Olomouc was a blast
    2. Teresa set it all up for us so I don’t know any details]
  7. Explore Prague!
    1. Prague is one of my favorite cities that we visited and it was super cool to explore with just some friends


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