Bohemia Trip

To conclude our program in the Czech Republic we had one last class trip to Bohemia, the western half of the country. This was a 5 day trip that the whole class as well as our faculty guides went on together.

This trip was our longest class trip but went by super quick. To start the trip we went to a small town that I cannot remember the name of at the moment. However we while there we got to tour a castle with some amazing murals in it! Unfortunately we were unable to take photographs while inside/:

It was just a short stop at that little town before we were off to our the next town called Kutne Hora. We got to stay in an actual hotel while there so that was super nice! We had been so used to staying in hostels with small beds and multiple people to share a room. It was super nice to have bigger beds and our own private bathrooms for once. Regardless that is not the best part of Kutne Hora. While there one of the things that I really enjoyed was our tour through a silver mine. We got to go underground in these tight, and I mean tight, corridors of rock. In some places you could  not even stand up straight and other parts you could only fit through if you walked sideways. Luckily we were equipped with headlamps on hard hats. These were lifesavers because several of us kept hitting our heads. Also at one point our tour guide stopped us in a semi open part of the passage ways to talk to us for a bit. while there she instructed us all to turn off our headlamps. This caused everything to be pitch black. We could not see our own hands when we put them an inch from our own eyes. The guide explained that when the miners would loose their light source somehow when under ground, they would rely on the flow of air to find their way out of the mine.

We were in Kutne Hora for 2 days and I really enjoyed our time there.

From there we venture south to Cesky Krumlov. This was a beautiful town in southern Bohemia where we stayed for a couple days.

First I will talk about the castle we got to tour. This castle was really cool for the fact that they had a live bear outside the castle in an enclosure. This was because of tradition of the castle. I guess ever since the castle was built they had used a couple of bears that would be kept around the base of the castle to help protect it. In modern times the bears are not so much for protection but for sake of keeping up tradition. The bear’s name was Teresa I believe. As we walked through the castle we would see bear skin rugs in almost every room. These rugs were all once bears that were used to protect the castle. Everytime one on the bears died they turned it into a rug to put inside.

The castle also had wonderful views of the city from the windows and bridges.

The absolute highlight of this Bohemia trip was definitely the rafting!

The rafting was during the last day in Cesky Krumlov and it was something that all of us were looking forward to. We got to sit about 5 or 6 people per raft and then set off on a 3 or 4 hour raft ride down the river. It was just us students and the water. We got especially lucky because the day we went rafting was the first sunny day we had gotten in a long time. It worked out super well. While rafting there were stops you could get off at and hangout. I think most of the students would agree that their favorite part of rafting was when all 21 of us happened to stop at this one stop. At this stop there was a bar along with a bonfire and lots of seating around it. All of us ended up staying at the stop for well over an hour maybe even 2 hours. It was one of my favorite memories of the entire trip. Eventually our group guides waiting for us to finish rafting called the place and said that we were taking too long and that we had to get back on the river now or wait there for them to pick us up. Apparently there was a storm coming. So all of us as a group just ran back to our rafts and got back on the river. We still had about 2 hours of rafting left that I think a lot of us reflected on memories of the trip. At least my boat did. It was a really good time and we all got to look back and appreciate what we got to experience in the last three months.

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