On my latest weekend trip I went to Amsterdam. It was Julian, his girlfriend, and myself. So naturally I ended up spending a lot of that weekend alone. Never the less I still enjoyed my time there. Julian’s girlfriend came very last minute and joined us on our weekend trip. I did not find out until the weekend before that she was even going to be in Europe, let alone stay in our room in Olomouc and join us on our weekend trip. That was okay though. We made everything work out fine and still had a good time with her there. Since she came on such a short notice she did not have a bed booked at the hostel in Amsterdam that we had booked for ourselves. So after looking at the website and seeing that it was completely booked Julian decided that we would just sneak her in to our room and hope not to get caught. We lucked out in that our hostel was in a different building that the reception so sneaking her in was pretty easy.

Okay so now on to our first day in the city was my favorite day that I was there. The reason for this was because of a museum we went to called the Moco Museum. The Moco Museum was basically a museum dedicated to one of my favorite artists Banksy. Banksy is a famous street artist based out of London but has works all around the globe. We actually saw one of his pieces on the side of a building in Poland! Anyway this museum featured sooo much of his work throughout his career and had some videos of him talking about some of the things he has done. He is such a ” i’ll do it because I want to” artist that puts a lot of meaning behind his work. For example in the early 2000’s he went into a variety of famous art museums including the Lauv, and hung up framed pieces of his work on the wall with a plaque saying the title of the work with his name. He did this and then kept track of how long it took people to realize it was up there where it wasn’t supposed to be. Sometimes his pieces would go unnoticed for weeks and others only a few days.  This museum was easily my favorite museum that I have been to in Europe so far.

The next day we went to another really cool museum that was dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh. This was another great museum that was hundreds of his pieces in it. This museum was huge so it took up most of the day. Once we made it out of there I set off to go see some parks. Amsterdam is home to some of the most beautiful parks that I have been to. I ended up walking around this one park for about 4 hours and I am not even sure that I saw it all. Everyplace I walked to there had another hidden little treasure of beauty.  I ended up getting lost in this garden neighbor hood for a while. There was only two entrances/exit to it and it was a huge garden with hedges, trees, small houses, yards, and gravel pathways. I walked around this neighborhood for over an hour before I tried to find my way out. Then it took me about another 45 minutes to figure out the maze that it was. That was one of the prettiest places that I have been to ever. It was a nice sunny day, everything was in full bloom, and it just made for some great views.

That pretty much concluded my trip to Amsterdam. It was a very fun weekend in a beautiful city.


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