Spring Break

Hey guys, thought I would share my spring break trip. I traveled around quite a bit and experience a lot of culture.

To start spring break for us was particularly cool for me because it started on my birthday. We were in Venice the night of the April 13th and that was the last day of our class trip before we were free to go our separate ways. Since the next day was my birthday me and a group of friends stayed up past midnight and had a drink to celebrate briefly. I say briefly because we were all very tired from all of the stuff we did in Venice the days prior. And as for me and my roommate Julian we had a 6 am flight to Spain to catch. So we called it a night early.

Julian and I’s first stop was in Seville, Spain. We get there and it’s like really hot there which was super nice at first but became somewhat annoying as it got too hot. Regardless we set off to explore the city and soon found that we were there during their Holy Week. Basically it was the one week of the year that their culture celebrates/ worships their religion with festivals and parades and such. Not knowing about this until we got there was interesting because it just took us by surprise by how busy it was. I think there was a parade everyday that we were there that lasted from sun up to sun down.

Since it was Holy Week everyone there was always dressing up super nice. All the men/male children were wearing suits and all the girls wore fancy dresses. It was very easy to spot the non locals and we were no exception.

What I took away from Spain, or at least Seville, was that they are an intimidating people. I felt like they weren’t as friendly as other places and just acted like they were better than outsiders. I enjoyed my time there a lot but it was not one of my favorite places.

On to Portugal,

From Seville we took a bus to Lisbon, Portugal. In Lisbon the culture was a lot different and a lot more inviting and friendly, at least in my opinion. I felt a lot more comfortable in Lisbon than I did in most other foreign cities that I have been to. I am  not sure what exactly it was but it had a different feel to it.

Anyways we took day one there and explore the city for a bit and went site seeing and what not. They actually have the twin bridge to the Golden Gate bridge in California. The same architect built another one just like it in Lisbon. Lisbon also has something really similar to the Jesus statue in Brazil. However the one in Lisbon is a lot smaller.

Lisbon was just a beautiful city in general and had a lot of really cool neighborhoods to check out. We also ran into another kid from Kearney at our hostel who just happened to be traveling through the city at the same time.  Him and some other Americans we hung out with while we were there that made the stay a lot more fun.

Lisbon was probably one of the top places I have been to.

After Lisbon, we flew back to Czech Republic and one more free day to relax back in Olomouc before classes on that Monday, which was much needed.

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