Venice, Italy


I’d just like to give you a summary of my trip to Venice that I went on a few weeks ago!

We got to Venice and had a long walk to get to our hostel. With 21 of us  walking the crowded and narrow street of Venice with all of our luggage/backpacks, it was not hard to tell that we were tourists. Our hostel which was almost on the other side of the island was quite comfortable and cozy. However we did not spend a whole lot of time there.

Once morning came around we all went to Saint Mark’s square, which is a real site to see, and hung out there for a bit. We noticed all of these knee high tables stacked everywhere throughout the square. We learned that these were for when the square flooded so people could still make their way around the square walking on the tables. This is something that happens somewhat often their that I had not thought about. Then we heard that they were predicting it was supposed to flood while we were there, however it did not. I think it would have been pretty interesting to see it flooded but oh well.

We got lucky with the weather in that it was cloudy and a little cold the entire time we were there. Now that’s usually not a good thing but it meant that there was far less people visiting during those days. There was still a lot of people everywhere you went but from what we heard we got really lucky. We heard stories of how it could take about an hour to walk across St. Mark square due to all the people. Luckily we had no problems getting everywhere we needed.

Things we saw.

First up the Church in the square, St Mark’s Basilica, which was one of the finest building in Europe. We were told it took 5 centuries to construct! We were not allowed to take pictures so that was sad. oh well.

Next up was a Museum of Art. This was another really fancy museum which was worth seeing.

Finally , in my opinion was the coolest thing to see was the Guggenheim modern art museum. The Guggenheim museums are some of the most famous museums in the world. I got to see several pieces from historical artists such as Picasso, Kandinksy, and even some Pollocks. I got to see some pieces there that are pictured in some of my textbooks back in Kearney. I thought that was really neat to see in person.

Overall thoughts of the city were pretty good. However it does have its downfalls. First off the food.
The variety of food was not very good. If you wanted to go eat somewhere the only options were pretty much pasta or seafood.  And not liking seafood, the pasta got old pretty quick. Although the pasta was really good.

Next downfall was that its too touristy. Everywhere you looked was just souvenir shops and such. It almost doesn’t seem like a city that people actually live in. People just go there to visit.

Last was the lack of nature, I know that it is built on water so I understand why there was almost no grass, trees, or plants, but I just got kind of tired of seeing concrete/ rock everywhere. Made me appreciate grass and trees more.

Anyway, I did really enjoy my trip to Venice.

Oh and the last night of Venice I got to celebrate my 21st birthday!

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