Vienna Trip

Hey everyone, here is a summary of my our trip to Vienna, Austria and Venice, Italy.

Upon arrival in Vienna, after a few hours on bus, we checked into our hostel. This hostel is actually one of my favorite hostels that  I have stayed at so far! I got to share a room with my boys Julian, Griffin, Seth, and Logan which is always a fun time. 

Anyway, we quickly started our day with a walk to the treasury.  We had a few brief stops for some quick history from our coordinator Martin. As we got to the treasury we found out that it was actually closed that day. ): Next we tried to save the day with some museums just across the street. Sadly they were also closed that day. So with that being the only things we had scheduled for that day we had free time until the next day. Most of us went out explored the city and did various things. Unfortunately I had been feeling pretty sick the last couple days and that day was no exception. I decided it would be best for me to go rest and hopefully get over whatever it was that I had. So as the rest of the group was out and about I took some medicine and good nap.

A good majority of our group went to this aquarium in town that was built in an old military bunker type thing. After hearing what they had to say about it and seeing the pictures I was sad I was unable to go with them. However, after spring break was over I was back in Vienna had a few hours to kill. So I went through the aquarium and got to see everything. It was so cool. It was an 8 story building with different varieties of fish/ reptiles on each floor. It was unique in how it was built because it is not a very big building but once you went inside it seemed huge. There was also this exhibition room with monkeys that were free to roam around. They would be running along the railing right next to you. I had never seen that before in a zoo so that was really interesting.

Okay, so on to day 2 we set out for the treasury and it was open this time. Inside there were countless treasures such as Crowns, robes, sculptures, vases and everything of that sort that had significant historical meaning. The piece that was really interesting to me was this relic that had inside what is thought to be one of the nails that was pounded through Jesus Christ’s hand on the the cross. That was crazy to see in person.

Next up on the list was the Natural History museum just across the street. This museum was pretty cool and all but wasn’t anything special in the exhibitions. They were pretty typical natural history museum stuff. What made this museum stand out was the architecture of the building itself. This building was a masterpiece and absolutely gorgeous. My friends and I were often looking at the ceiling and walls more than the exhibits.

After these trips to the museums and treasury we had free time the rest of the evening. With our free time I decided to go get some food in the street market. Right next to our hostel there is this huge street market that has almost everything you could think of food wise, and several shops. I ended up eating at this local burger stand they had in there. Don’t worry, we did eat a few meals of traditional food while there as well.

Luckily for me my sickness did go away for the most part while in Vienna and I really enjoyed my time there. On the next morning we had to get up somewhat early to get on the bus to Venice. I will touch on that in my next blog.



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