Language issues ( so far)

Hey everyone, today I just wanted to talk about he language barrier that us American deal with on the day to day basis while over here in the Czech.

The Czech have their own language and is quite difficult to learn. They have several more letters than we do and use sounds that are particularly tough to make. Another thing about their alphabet is that some of their letters look the same as some of ours but make different sounds. Such as ” S ” ( with a v placed over top) ( apologies for lack of actual letter, don’t have that option on my laptop)  makes the ” sh” sound not the “s” sound. That might be a little confusing or hard to follow but there are many variations of letters similar to each other like that, that are pronounced differently.

Anyway, we are enrolled in a Czech language class. It is pretty difficult but it is actually my favorite class. I think that most of the Americans in the class would also agree. We have learned quite a few phrases and greetings so far. Things like a formal greeting, “Dobry den”, and informal greeting, “Ahoj” or “cua.” Also we can say ” how are you ?” with ” jak se mate?” we can answer that same question with ” Vyborne”, very good, or “Dobre”, just good, or “Spatne” , which means bad or very bad. We are learning many more phrases and numbers and what not but I am not gonna go into all of it for the sake of not writing 2000 words in this post.

Day to day I like to speak Czech with the locals as much as I can but that is also a struggle sometimes. When entering a shop or restaurant I will greet with the “Dobry Den” and they will say it back with a lot of other Czech words( probably asking what I would like to eat or what not) that I do not understand. It is always an awkward moment where I just stand there confused for a second before asking them if they can speak English. Most of the time they just smile and can speak enough English to take our order and get the job done.  If they cannot speak it themselves there is always someone else nearby that helps translate and gets us what we need.

Different situations like that happen all the time and it always works out. I find it pretty amusing trying to go as long as I can in Czech until I run out of words. I think the locals appreciate the effort when we try out best but are happy to speak English if they need to.

That is all for now, I will be posting again at some point!



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